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Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Providing a prompt reply is ALWAYS our priority. Due to the volume of emails we receieve it is not always possible to get back to you within 24 hours. If you have contacted us and have not gotten a response within 72 hours please check your junk mail folders and the spam setting on your email to ensure we have not already responded. The email will come from [email protected].

We pride ourselves on finding the most effective products on the market with good science that backs the claims. Therefore, we ONLY sell products we are willing to stand behind. These products ONLY come from top tier companies who provide discreet shipping, billing, prompt delivery and a 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

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Consumer Reviews:

March 14, 2012 by John Doe 00129

San Pedro, CA


"Lightning Fast Delivery!!"

5 Star Rating: Recommendedstarstarstarstar

I placed my order Monday morning and the stuff was in my Mailbox Wednesday afternoon. I got exactly what I paid for and I can't wait to try the stuff out. Fast Delivery is an Understatement. The package came in a plain white envelope and was exactly what I ordered! Thanks Enhancement Science for the super quick delivery!

You Guys are deff on the ball. I am usually hesitant about giving out my credit card. But everything went as planned. A+++ on the follow through! Now let's see if this stuff lives up to all the hype.

Top 5 Products Satisfied Customers

April 02, 2012 by John Doe 00429

Newark, NJ


"5 Days from The West Coast to East Coast Ain't Bad in My Book"

5 Star Rating: Recommendedstarstarstarstar

I am totally satisfied with how the product arrived and how long it took to get here. I ordered the stuff Friday night and got it in the Mail on Friday. Was exactly what I ordered. Nice and discreet and fast in my book. Thanks Enhancement Science. Hope to be ordering again soon!"

Top 5 Products Satisfied Customers

May 01, 2012 by John Doe 00591

Austin, TX


"Discreet Enough for My Frat House . . . None of my buddies Gave me Hell"

5 Star Rating: Recommendedstarstarstarstar

I live in a Fraternity house at The University of Texas. Sometimes your mail gets mixed up and ends up in the wrong guy's hands. This was perfect because it came in a plain white envelope. My buddy actually accidentally picked up my mail and he asked me if I had bought some drugs or something. I told him they were vitamins for my Mom! HAHAHA Got here plenty quick and nice and discreet. Super Kudos on the delivery. Time to see if I will be ready to rock and roll with the ladies for Summer School.

Top 5 Products Satisfied Customers

June 10, 2012 by John Doe 00591

Kansas City, KS



5 Star Rating: Recommendedstarstarstarstar

I live on a rural route road and the stuff got here just fine. I am super pumped and ready to give it a shot. A+++++++++++++++ Would deff do business with this company again. Took about 3 days to get here. Transaction went through just like I hoped. Package got here just like I wanted. Everything looked swell.

Top 5 Products Satisfied Customers

We Deal Directly With the Manufacturer:

Anyone claiming to sell a product from eBay or Amazon are not authorized to do so, additionally products coming from these retail sites like (Ebay and Amazon) are possibly counterfeit, do not come with the guarantee offered by the manufacturer and are even potentially dangerous.

This site, "Enhancement Science" is the only online distributor authorized to sell these products and often at a discount. THE WARRANTY COMES 100% INTACT just as if you ordered it directly from the manufacturer. We stand behind the product 100%.

We do NOT "auto bill" or "auto ship." You will be billed ONE TIME and ONE TIME ONLY. Companies that autoship their product and autobill are trademark scams. The results of these products speak for themselves. Chances are you will see the results yourself and order more because the formulations are the most advanced on the market. ALL purchases made through this site will be billed ONE TIME ONLY. You MUST place another order to receive more. Please read about the massive auto ship scam compnies in our buyer beware category.


We honor ALL warranties AS STATED BY THE MANUFACTURER and for ALL products SOLD THROUGH THIS SITE. All warranties are to the letter with the standard "60 day money back guarantee" as it appears in the terms and conditions and written in plain English on the product websites.


For ANY product not sold specifically on this site: We do NOT honor any warranties or guarantees of the products' effectiveness

It IS our goal to make the ordering process as easy as possible and compliant with the FTC and Better Business Bureau.

Exposing the Liars and Cheats:

If you have any issues or problems with other companies we would like to hear about your experience. We encourage you to provide us with feedback and your experience dealing with a different company whose product we review in order to make the most comprehensive and well rounded source of quality information on Male Enhancement Products on the world wide web.

Penis Enlargement Penis Enlargement
The Penis Enlargement Professor
Penis Enlargement Penis Enlargement
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