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Why Some Male Enhancement Pills Dont Work

By Andrew Kline MD Medical Consultant
February 28, 2012

One common and recurring question out there is "are there pills out there that will actually make a man bigger?" And why do the ones I order never seem to work? Are they all scams?

The answer to this question is more complex and complicated than you might think. I believe there are more companies out there who legitimately believe they have a good product. But where the failings are consistent is in the more complex and also most rudamentery level of chemistry known as "bioavailability."

Bioavialability is the degree to which a drug or other substance becomes available to the target tissue after administration.

A good way to think about it is like this. You know that taking calcium is good for you on a variety of different levels. It promotes heart health, healthier bones and teeth and prevents osteoperosis. So taking calcium supplements should make my bones stronger right?

While the answer is in some regard yes. What most people don't know is that the bioavalability of just about any mineral or compound is heavily reliant on a variety of different factors. And the addition magnesium. The fourth most abundant mineral in the body increases the bioavailablity of that compound. This is a common theme in general whan it comes to health and nutrition. Rice and Beans are incomplete proteins and eating one of the other separately can essentially yield a fraction of the complete protein your body needs.

Many male enhancement supplements out there more often than not have "good intentions." But the truth of the matter is that good intentions do not mean results. So I personally do not believe most of these supplements are out to take consumers money and not provide any results. What they are, is incomplete formulations put together by companies who really don't understand the whole picture. They give you the beans without the rice so to speak and claim to provide you with a full serving of protein. Is it a blatant scam? No. It is the cumulation of countless useless formulations put together by individuals who have not done their research.

At Enhancement Science we give you the beans and the rice. And only show you the most comprehensive formulations on the market that deliver the results because they are complete products and intuitive formulations.

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SizeVitrexx Male Enhancement

SizeVitrexx is a well formulated and intuitive product that is generally considered the top male enhancement product on the market. It has an equally effective combination of active ingredients and uses a technology based on Tongkat Ali to produce an increase in length and width.

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SizeGenix Male Enhancement

SizeGenix is an extremely well made product with alot of attention to detail in it's chemistry and design. It uses a vasobolic technology to maximize blood flow and produce stunning results. You really cannot go wrong with any of these top 5 products.

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Xantho 5X


Xantho 5X Male Enhancement

Xantho 5X Is an innovative new product that uses a super critical extraction process to get the highest quality ingredients. It also combines its active ingredients in a manner that increases bio-availability.

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Zyrexin Male Enhancement

Zyrexin is out number one performance enhancer. This product is the best herbal viagra bar none and we believe is actually more effective than viagra with less side effects and more versatility in it's action.

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Dapovar Male Enhancement

Dapovar is one of the most effective ways to delay ejaculation on the market. It is notoriously used on sets of adult films to allow actors to stay erect and also last long enough to get through a day of filming.

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Is Penis Size important? Are Penis Pumps Safe?
Is Penis Size important?
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