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Butea Superba Gel Male Enhancement

Butea Superba Gel Review

Manufacturer: St. Botanica

  • Overall Rating:
    2.5/5 Stars
  • Company Reputation:
    1/5 Stars
  • Growth Potential:
    2/5 Stars
  • Ingredient Quality:
    4/5 Stars
  • Speed of Results:
    3/5 Stars
  • Stamina Increase:
    4/5 Stars
  • Ejaculate Increase:
    1/5 Stars
  • Desire Increase:
    3/5 Stars
Penis Enlargement Penis Enlargement

Butea Superba Gel Review:

St. Botanica makes Butea Superba Gel, which is used to improve male sexual performance, along with erectile dysfunction, stamina, and even increase the actual size of the penis. Butea Superba is also available in a pill form.

About Butea Superba Gel:

Butea Superba has ignited the world of natural enhancement supplements. Research and clinical testing have been done on this product and the results are positive, in fact, the people taking butea superba performed better than the people taking Viagra. Clinical trials confirm the fact that Butea Superba works just as well, if not better than the prescription medication, and the best part is that Butea Superba is all natural.The main active ingredients are as follows; Butea Superba 500g, Anamarita Cocculus 400g, Derris Scandens 400g, Bosenbergia Rotunda 300g, Terminatia Bellirica 300g, Terminalia Chebula 300g, and Phyllanthus Emblica 300g. In Clinical tests alcohol had no adverse effects. The company does offer a 56 day money back guarantee. The website is informative and easy to navigate.

The Positives About Butea Superba:

  1. There is a 56 day money back guarantee offered.
  2. The Clinical studies done have proved that this product works.
  3. There are customer testimonials offered.
  4. There is a discount with larger orders.
  5. The synergistic way in which the ingredients work is explained on the website.
  6. Butea Superba is available in gel form or in pill form.
  7. The company delivers through out the world.
  8. The company offers a free trial.

The Negatives About Butea Superba Gel:

  1. The website does not display contact information.
  2. The price is high, but decreases with larger orders.
  3. As is usually the case, the proprietary formula released.
Butea Superba The End Results:

Butea Superba comes as a gel or as a capsule, and can be taken or applied twice a day. Clinical testing has been done on this product and the results show that Butea Superba does work as well as a prescription medication with respect to erectile dysfunction, but Butea Superba contains no drugs and does not need a doctors prescription. In this case, the positives out weigh the negatives. There are free samples available and there is a 56 day money back guarantee.


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Is Penis Size important? Are Penis Pumps Safe?
Is Penis Size important?
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